Houston Mountain Bike Association 
(HMBA) is a registered, non-profit society that has been incorporated to serve the interests and needs of Houston’s Mountain Bike community.
The purpose of the Houston Mountain Bike Society is to:
• Encourage Mountain Biking as a healthy activity for people of all ages and abilities
• Promote responsible off-road cycling
• Participate in the planning process for, and the management of, recreational lands as it relates to Mountain Bike access and use
• Organize volunteers to aid in restoration, development, and maintenance of legitimate Mountain Bike trail systems
• Create and maintain a working relationship between each of the Northern Mountain Bike Associations, in order to help create a “Mountain Bike Corridor” within our Region
• To provide off road cyclists with education programs including:
o Mountain Bike safety
o Mountain Bike practices that minimize user conflicts, trail damage, and ecological impact
o Mountain Bike trail planning, building, and maintenance