BioLite Solar Panel 5+

BioLite Solar Panel 5+

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Ultraslim Design

Solar Kind of Sucks. But the problem isn’t the tech, it’s the user experience-when you’re off by a little in the sun, your panel can be losing out on as much as 30% of its efficiency. The SolarPanel 5+ cuts out the guesswork with the Optimal Sun System, aligning you directly to the sun and keeping you in the right spot. Power up in real time when the sun is shining or from stored energy when it’s not in use thanks to an integrated 3,200mAh battery.

• 5 Watt, High Efficiency Monocrystalline: Power phones, tablets, cameras, as well as Biolite gear
• Optimal Sun System: Integrated Sundial aligns your panel for direct rays and 360 Kickstand provides easy positioning on uneven terrain or hanging from trees and tents
• On-Board Battery: 3,200mAh battery inside so your power is available even when the sun goes down
• Ultraslim Design: Minimalist materials keeps it super thin and increases efficiency through heat dissipation
• Dimensions(Folded): 10.12x8.19x0.94in(257x208x24mm)

Weight: 13.76oz(390g)

Inputs/outputs: Micro USB in USB Out

Durability: Splash resistant

Battery: 3,200mAh(11.8Wh)

Power Output: 5 watts per hour at peak sun

PV Cell Type: Monocrystalline Grade A

Weather Resistance: IPX4

Auto Reconnect: Yes