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SAMSUNG LED and LG BATTERY - By using high quality core materials in this lantern we were able to make reliable and powerful lantern that guarantee pleasant outdoor usage

DIAL BRIGHTNESS CONTROL : Subtle dial brightness control can satisfy your sophisticated need of lighting level. This function helps users to find the most comfortable lighting level and also allows to optimize battery performance by reducing unnecessary light.

3 LIGHT COLOR MODE : 3000K (warm), 4200K (bright), 6200K (cool) can be adjustable depends on your demands. set the mood and make your outdoor day more memorable.

POWER BANK OPTION - LG battery is known for its stability and performance. This quality battery will able to provide constant and quick charge for any device that can be charged with 5V. Forget all the hassle idea about charging in the outdoor !

SUPER DURABLE - Ruber cap covering dial and power in/out port provides safe usage in harsh outdoor environment. This prevents water / dust infiltration and solid aluminium body and wires protects lantern from dropping.