Cloud Pillow Black Doggies Med/Lrg

Cloud Pillow Black Doggies Med/Lrg

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The Be One Breed cloud pillow has a 100% memory foam filling to reduce pressure on hips and joints and prevent aches and pains. It features an ultra-soft, stylish cover that unzips for easy washing.

Memory foam is ideal for every life-stage but especially for pets suffering from back, hip or joint pains. Be One Breed guarantees your pet will never touch the ground!

Yeah yeah... memory foam. But WHY?
  • It molds perfectly your pet’s tushie
  • It helps prevent joint problems
  • It provides optimal pressure distribution and pain relief
  • It allows your loyal friend to rest comfortably for hours
Good things come to those who wait as they say… Sometimes memory foam can take around 6 to 24 hours to regain its original shape. Shaking the mattress or pillow to separate the chunks will speed things up! If necessary, apply heat to make the memory foam rise. Using a steamer will surely do the job!

  • 100% memory foam filling
  • Reduces pressure on hips & joints
  • Ultra soft removable cover
  • Easy to clean & maintain
  • Prevents back pains & aches
Removable slipcovers
  • Machine washable
  • Extend the bed's lifespan
  • Refresh your home decor

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