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Freshley Drop Seat Overalls

Hidden Zip Drop Seat™. Stop, drop, and go.

Flex suspenders. Don’t get caught up.

Twine Hole. Spool in. Pull out.

D-Ring Clip. Hang on.

2 Tool Loops. Hammer time X 2.

Reinforced Front Pockets. Double down.

Zip pocket. Don’t lose your shit.

Crotch gusset. Free the squat.

Articulated knee. Lean in.

Tough cuff. Don’t fray the hem.

Stop, drop and go. Finally, Drop Seat Overalls!

Nature is calling. But you’re out in nature, sans plumbing. Or maybe your jobsite porta-potty is too cramped to take off your bibs. Wherever you are, when you gotta go, you gotta get the drop seat overalls that let you get down to business. A nifty hidden back zip means you don’t have to take off the whole shabang to do your thing. And yep, these are still our famous Freshley women’s work overalls. A full-body toolbox. So many pockets. Same slim, flattering silhouette. Go easy, and get the job done. ;)