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Tested for years by professionals in the world of harness dog sports, our dog pulling harness has quickly become known for its quality. This model of dog harness has been developed specifically for pulling. Offering exceptional support and freedom of movement this harness is suitable for dogs practicing all disciplines of harness dog sports including, cani-hiking, canicross, the bikejoring, the skijoring, kicksled and dog sledding.

Features :

Design offrant une liberté de mouvement maximale au chien;

Dorsal band allow to clear the shoulder blades and a large part of the rib cage;

Fully padded (neck, chest and sides);

Padding thickness is 3/8" at the neck and chest (areas where there is a lot of pressure) and 1/4" at the sides;

High density padding, light, non-abrasive and waterproof - won't absorb water and won't freeze in winter;

2 reflective strips at the neck and 2 reflective strips at the sides;

Materials :

1000 lbs polyester webbing - strong and extremely durable;

High density closed cell foam padding covered with a waterproof, light and very durable nylon fabric;

Thread adapted to extreme outdoor conditions;


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