Popote MSR Flex 4 System

Popote MSR Flex 4 System

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The Flex 4 System MSR Complete Meal Planner is camping equipment for four people. It will be very useful when hiking or trekking because it does not take much space and is very complete for 4 people.

Everything is stored in the large pan and held closed with two clips.

The Flex 4 System MSR family meal service is an ultra-light and compact set of dishes for preparing meals for four people.

The anodized aluminium offers many advantages, anti-adhesive to food, scratch-resistant, robust and ultra light.

Also, the hard anodised aluminium of the camping crockery distributes the heat evenly and optimises the cooking performance of your food when camping.

The Flex 4 System MSR camping dish set is practical and ingenious, and is a must-have for trekking and ultra-light hiking for four or more people.
The cups, which fit perfectly into the pan to save space, are insulated to keep the temperature (hot or cold) of your drink, and offer a lid with a spout.

The MSR FLEX 4 System MSR contains :

- 1x 5.3 Liters Hard Anodized Aluminium pan with handlesUST

- 1x Duralite DX non-stick pan of 3.2 Liters

- 1x modular heel handle,

- 2x sieve lids,

- 4x thermos flasks with lids

- 4x Hot and cold resistant DeepDish Plates