Shampoo Bar Tin 65GM

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  • Contains all-natural ingredients to nourish your dog or cat's skin and fur. Nourishes fur, promotes shine, and helps to maintain healthy oil production and promote healthy hair follicles, leading to thicker, stronger fur.
  • The most common complaint with pet shampoo bars lack of lather and grimy feeling of build-up on their fur. The Bella Bar is made of natural ingredients that don’t strip fur or skin of its natural moisture, it has a luxurious lather and amazing scent!
  • Sodium cocoyl sulfate is a gentle surfactant (unlike SLS) made from coconuts. It provides rich lather to clean and to distribute the bars nourishing ingredients throughout fur. Also contains nourishing & moisturizing Cocoa Butter & Olive Oil.
  • Essential oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, copper, and magnesium. These are vital for fur health. The oil also helps prevent dandruff. Antioxidant properties help keep fur moisturized and soft with a refreshing aroma. Safe for cats.
  • More than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills or the oceans every year. The Bella Bar pet shampoo bar comes in reusable tin containers that you can store hair elastics, screws, paperclips, or other items in.