UST Tool A Long Dog

UST Tool A Long Dog

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The UST Tool A Long Wolf is a pocket-sized, stainless steel multi-tool that is designed to accomplish a variety of tasks outdoors or on the go. The included carabiner makes it easily accessible on your gear, belt, and more. TSA-compliant for safe travel.

Specifications for UST Wolf Tool A Long Multi-Tool:

Included Accessories: Attached carabiner

Blade Material: Steel

Weight: 1.2 oz

Additional Features: 4 position hex wrench, cord cutter, scraper, ruler (1 inch) and bottle opener

Package Type: Header Card

Color: Titanium

Width: 3.2 in

Length: 4.25 in

Fabric/Material: Stainless Steel

Overall Length: 4.25 in

Features of UST Wolf Tool A Long Multi-Tool:

Components: hex wrench (4 positions)

cord cutter


ruler (1 inch)

and bottle opener.